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Crohns & Colitis Awareness Week – December 3rd: IBD and Mental Health

Part of the week of daily blogs for #crohnsandcolitisawarenessweek Invisible illness can mess with your head There, I said it. Once you say it outloud, it’s like duh of course it does but that is as far some go. It’s sort of expected for something some internal to affect your mind. And whilst that’s good to recognise, more needs to be…


Crohns & Colitis Awareness Week – December 2nd: IBD Stigma

Part of the week of daily blogs for #crohnsandcolitisawarenessweek What does having IBD mean? It means talking about poo. It means discussing bodily functions with specialists. It means enduring testings on your digestive system. These are not great experiences, no matter how long you have been diagnosed or how many you’ve had to go through. It means getting diagnosed. It…


December Goals

How did November go? I felt very unwell this month, I won’t lie. Unwell enough to really need to see my IBD team but unable to get some face to face time, and several missed opportunities to talk to them. Everything that was niggling at me in October came full force in November – hitting me square between the (metaphorical)…


Crohns & Colitis Awareness Week – December 1st: What is IBD?

Part of the week of daily blogs for #crohnsandcolitisawarenessweek What are Crohn’s & Colitis? Learning that you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis may fill you with anxiety, concern, and lots of questions. Even many health care professionals are unfamiliar with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis, it’s important to begin learning all that you can about what…


November 2018

Well well well.   Stoma wise; it has been abit more consistent this month. I got my defective products replaced and decided that ordering for Christmas was probably going to be a super productive idea. In theory it was, but it happened to come in three parcels and they were not light at all. And I’ve yet to unpack them…


Life Lately | Let’s Talk About… MY STUMP

** WARNING: graphic details about surgery and rectal stumps. NO PHOTOS just words ** Bear with me, this is going to get technical and emotional. Who would have thought a 30cm piece of my insides would cause me so much damn stress and pain? The Story I needed to have another surgery in August 2016 – my subtotal colectomy –…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Paste

What is it? ‘Paste’ refers to a tube or strip of paste which is used as a filler around the stoma. Common selling points can be: Used to fill uneven skin contours near the stoma to create a flatter surface. Used to help prevent output from getting under the baseplate. Helps to provide an ideal surface for your stoma bag…


Life Lately | The Revolving Door of Feelings

“It’s a shame. It’s awful being a grown up. But the carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.” Hands up, who else feels like this?     I definitely feel this a lot of late. I thought it was just a chronic illness problem; that my life was beginning to be more and more dictated by my illness more…


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