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My goal is to explore, show and create a life in which having a chronic illness isn’t a burden, life-defining or a diminishing aspect of anyone’s ability to be who they want to be.  

I speak honestly and candidly about my journey with multiple chronic illnesses. I want to inspire others to do the same – if they so choose to – or at the very least, help them feel less alone in dealing with their own chronic health conditions. 

Not only do I want to show life with a chronic illness but also pass on my wisdom from almost ten years of patient experience within Gastroenterology and colorectal surgery. Part of that also involved engaging in meaningful changes to the stigma and perceptions surrounding chronic illness and disability. 

Below you’ll find the services that I can offer, previous articles I’ve been involved in and my website stats. If there’s anything else you need to know, however, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me via email at

You can also book directly or check my availability by visiting my online calendar here

My services are:

  • sponsored blog posts and social media posts
  • sponsorship of sections of the blog
  • product reviews
  • taking part in brand campaigns
  • creating guest posts
  • copywriting

I can cover the following topics:

  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • IBD Awareness
  • Gut Health
  • Mental Health
  • Stoma’s
  • Ostomy Awareness
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Mindset & Positivity

I can create:

  • detailed blog posts
  • Instagram posts
  • Instagram stories
  • IGTV content
  • Twitter chats & polls

If you would like a bespoke quote, please get in touch:


Below are the contributions I’ve made, posts I’ve done for other advocates and sites.

In no particular order:

Lights Cameras Crohns – Dealing with Depressions While Taking on IBD: Louise’s Story – August 5th 2019
#GutTalkGuide – Love your Gut Week – 16 to 22nd Sept 2019
No You Cant’cer Foundation – Special Guest 5th May 2018

‘It’s a constant battle and a daily struggle’: 10 IBD patients share their Dynamo-inspired selfies – 28th March 2018 by Jenna Farmer

Oshi Health – Depression in IBD: What you need to know

Coloplast Care – Returning to Work

Why share, Why Blog – Comfizz – 30th Jan 2019

What is a Stoma if it Saves Your Life – Bullens Healthcare – Feb 15 2017

Safe Space Collection – Written by Louise