Reflecting on 2020 – The Six Month Update

Inspired and an follow on from my 2019 post “Reflecting on 2019 – The Six Month Update”

Gosh, it feels as if it’s taken a long time to get to the end of June but also, where has it all gone?

Most of 2020 has been consumed by lock down and this pandemic so it would be impossible to do this post -reflecting on January to June – without mentioning it and addressing it off the bat.

It’s been a rocky lockdown period. We’ve had lots of tense, really frustrating and unnerving moments during the period of late March until mid June. It seems now, as I write this, that our current lockdown in the UK is changing every two weeks, as expected, but it still feels unreal. In the sense that, how can it just be over? How can we go back to what we did before? We can’t… simple as that. And the ‘not sure how the future will be and how it affects me’, is scary.

Add to this that my own circumstances have changed and I’ve had to really adapt these last couple of months, it’s been overwhelming beyond all of what I thought was capable.

But let’s look at what I did thing my goals for 2020 would be like.

Photo by Anisur Rahman on Unsplash

What did I want to achieve in 2020, and how am I getting on?

  1. Continue DOING my passions! I have found so much passion without studying again, so that’s been a good start. And I’ve also found more enthusiasm for my advocacy work during lock down too.
  2. Commit to less phone time. I do limit my time on my phone these days, instead of committing to days without it, because my network is on there, and they have been really helpful and key to my mental health during lock down.
  3. Protecting my sleep. Sleeping better and for longer, even with this dang hernia giving me some grief! So this is already a win.
  4. Get outside more. Sadly, lock down and my health have stopped this. Not mad, just going to commit to it after surgery.
  5. Work through my pain. I’ve planned to get into journaling but while I revise, it’s just not been realistic to fit it in, to my already busy schedule.

It seems that I came into 2020 full of optimism – as I would always like to be! – but it’s taken a nose dive for lock down. And while its not a failing, it does give me something to work towards doing more of after my surgery, and that can only be a good thing, right?

Do you have any questions or queries? Or just want to share your own experiences?

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