six month update

  • Reflecting on 2021 – The Six Month Update

    Inspired and an follow on from my 2020 post “Reflecting on 2020 – The Six Month Update“ End of June – what? The second half of the year but for me it feels like it is just beginning.  After quite a long time, I am finally employed again. And in my new career too; something which I undertook during the lockdown. Exams, study and revision all while the pandemic was in…

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  • Reflecting on 2019 – The Six Month Update

    Okay. So how did we get to the end of June already? We are half way through 2019 already. Already! I haven’t really had a chance to reflect on the goals I set myself back in January. You might be wondering, why reflect after only six months? Well, performance reviews in employment take place monthly, quarterly, and six monthly; why not personal reflection? I’ve spent the first half of 2019 really unwell…

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