Reflecting on 2021 – The Six Month Update

Inspired and an follow on from my 2020 post “Reflecting on 2020 – The Six Month Update

End of June – what?

The second half of the year but for me it feels like it is just beginning

After quite a long time, I am finally employed again. And in my new career too; something which I undertook during the lockdown. Exams, study and revision all while the pandemic was in full swing. Thankfully, things have eased for studying but I am beyond grateful I chose to do it as distance learning. 

So yes, off to be a trainee accountant under an apprenticeship. It’s exciting and makes me smile every time; I am chuffed at myself and incredibly proud. So even if my health throws me a curveball – ta, Crohn’s disease – I am keeping that pride at the top of my list of reasons to keep going. To keep pushing and to keep on top of things; medication, appointments and symptoms. I can do this. 

Beyond that, I have enjoyed the last six months. But I am far more looking forward to the next six. 

What did I get to do during January to June?

  • Took two accounting exams
  • Applied for almost fifty jobs and six apprenticeships. 
  • Picked up painting again!
  • Learnt how to do embroidery 
  • Started archery!
  • Read over a dozen books
  • Found a lot of self-love with my own body. 
  • Got my diabetes under control
Photo by Mink Mingle on Unsplash

What did I want to achieve in 2021, and how am I getting on?

I set goals and intentions in 2021, for the first time. That was new and different. Let’s see how I’m getting on:


  1. Find an accountancy job. JOYS OF JOYS to tick this off at the end of June! Not yet started and who says it will be easy? Time will tell. Still proud of myself.
  2. Draft book. Ah, well yes, good intentions and all that, but I had to pin this idea/goal for 2021 due to studying and health. The irony, when you want to write a self-help book for chronic illness.
  3. Get diabetes better controlled. Most recent checks and blood show it’s back in the pre-diabetic range, my medication is working well! I feel so much more confident about self-management after these last 9 months or so when I’ve really found my footing.
  4. Delve deeper into my PCOS. Work in progress again. BUT I managed to advocate for more testing with my consultant which I have not felt strong enough / brave enough to do before.


  1. To care less about my perception online: focusing less on likes and comments and shares, instead choosing to have conversations and make connections. I like to think that I am doing this, but it’s a hard row to hoe. I do still think about likes, comments and shares but it’s more about letting that feeling go. It definitely takes practice.
  2. To work through more of my mental health: having a clearer vision about the interconnection of my anxiety with my chronic illness. Yes, this one I’ve been really consistent with. Journaling each weekday helps a tremendous amount!
  3. To hold myself accountable for my medications and taking them when I should. Have yet to miss a morning medication window but occasionally miss an afternoon one. I would say I’m 80 ish % succeeding.

I didn’t think these updates would help me, nor did I think I would have three years of them now. I like doing an update because I get to think back on my year thus far, and feel proud. Even if I don’t achieve everything or even if I achieve nothing of note.

Until next time,

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