IBD Basics: Methotrexate

What is Methotrexate & Why is it important? Methotrexate is part of a group of medication called immunosuppressants. They work to help  reduces inflammation in the body by dampening down the activity of the immune system. It works particular well at controlling the inflammation in the gut, helpful for IBD. As IBD is an autoimmune response to too much active…

Ostomy Uncovered: Blockages

What is a ostomy blockage? An ostomy blockage is when a stoma becomes blocked. This can happen for many reasons, some simple and easy to resolve, others abit more tricky. But, in any circumstances, ostomy blockages should not be taken lightly. Symptoms are: Thin, clear liquid output with foul odour Cramping abdominal pain near the stoma Decrease in amount of…

IBD Basics: Immunosuppressants

What are Immunosuppressant & Why are they important? Immunosuppressants are drugs which damped down the immune system. They can also be called Immunomodulators; as they modify the immune’s response to a proposed threat to the body. IBD is an auto immune disorder, in which the immune system over reacts to inflammation. The cause is still unknown, but treatment plans usually look…

IBD Basics: Azathioprine & Mercaptopurine – 6-MPs

What are 6-MPs? & Why are they important? Azathioprine and Mercaptopurine are members of the thiopurine family of medication, and they are used to treat both UC and Crohn’s disease; the most common types of IBD. Whilst they get used for both types of IBD, 6-MP’s are more widely used in UC, but only by a small margin. 1 in 5…

April 2018

April; a new year Whenever we get to April, I always find myself more excited for a new year than in January. I turned 30th this month and whilst it was quite affair, I’ve spent some time since thinking. Like, really thinking. Thinking hard about what I want to do and what I want to achieve. Which has meant lots…

Ostomy Uncovered: How to Change a Stoma Bag

Why is this important? If you have a stoma, you will have to become and get use to change your bag. Depending on the type of stoma you have and the type of bag you choose to use, the timing will vary but hopefully below will show you how to do the basics of changing a stoma bag. NB: It’s…

What Advice do Patients look for Prior to Ostomy Surgery?

Whenever I hear of new ostomates, I always wonder What sort of questions do they ask? How much do they get told? How curious they are? and   What is their medical background? Basically, I wonder how prepared they are. And if that preparation has come from themselves or from healthcare professionals. Because requiring a stoma comes from so many…

IBD Basics: Aminosalicylates – 5ASAs

What are 5 ASA’s & Why are they important? Aminosalicylates – or 5ASAs – are a type of medication used to treat both Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis; but have been proven to be more effective in UC to independently induce and maintain remission in mild to moderate UC. They work by reducing the inflammation in the mucous lining of the…


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