• Coming out of IBD Remission

    I’ve had a lot of time – a decade – to think about remission.  When my doctors said remission to me back in 2012 – I was less than a year into my official IBD journey – and I honestly thought β€œgreat, that’ll make things easier! Welcome back to normal life!”  I feel pretty foolish now because nothing about remission then was easy. It was harder than flaring because I…

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  • I am scared and that is okay.

    I am scared. And that is okay. There is always a little fear when it comes to thinking about your chronic illness. There are alot of questions, not enough answers, you wonder about alot of what ifs and you can sometimes panic with the overwhelmingness of it all. I used to scold myself for being scared and doubting myself, when it came to my illness. It was never going to…

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  • New Beginnings & IBD Remission

    New Decade, New Year, New Beginning. It seems to flow nicely, that sentence, doesn’t it? Of course, most beginnings don’t present themselves or occur so succinctly as a new calendar month, let alone year. Which makes a new beginning at new year, feels too neat for my sceptical mind. And even more so when this new beginning is around the topic of remission. The festive period always struck fear in…

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