world ibd day

  • World IBD Day – Debunking IBD Myths

    Back in February, I wrote about ‘Assumptions About IBD & Stomas‘ where I discussed how there are many assumptions and myths surrounding IBD and having a stoma. Assumptions are usually founded on false information, historically based in the past. While they might have some facts to them, they are usually warped beyond the reality they belong to right now. I’ve had all of these quotes said to me throughout the…

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  • World IBD Day 2019

      “We know It Takes Guts to talk about Crohn’s and Colitis. This World IBD Day, we are supporting people to start conversations that really matter. Crohn’s and Colitis are invisible illnesses and because of the stigma that surrounds them, thousands of people are suffering in silence. It’s time to speak up.” – Crohn’s and Colitis UK   This year, Crohn’s and Colitis UK have launched a new website –…

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  • World IBD Day

    As this ordinary Monday comes to a close to many, I sit here going into the final few GMT hours of World IBD 2014 with some unrest. Should I show them? No one has seen these before, I’ve not allowed myself to bear these photos to other humans, not even other IBDers.. what am I scared of? What am I afraid of, apprehensive about? Why not be brave and share…

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