• World Ostomy Day

    In all the years I’ve had my ostomy, I think this year has been, by far, the easiest. Why do I say ‘easiest’? What has made me feel this way? Well, even despite a long recovery from my hernia repair, my stoma behaved really well to surgery, Yes, they made me a new one to repair the hole in my abdominal wall, but this one could have been unpredictable, difficult…

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  • Year Five: Stoma Life

    What I’ve Learnt and Achieve in the Last Twelve Months with my Ostomy Year Five with Pricilla started with hernia repair surgery. So technically, Pricilla lasted for four days into her fifth year and then she got reborn – aka, she was refashioned! I won’t lie, that surgery was tough as anything. I didn’t know exactly what I would wake up with because so much of it depended on what my…

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