flare up management

  • “How do you know when you’re flaring?”

    I’ll admit this openly, but flare-ups used to scare the heck out of me. After I was officially diagnosed in late 2011 I had several bad flare-ups back to back, which always led to me being hospitalised. Luckily, that doesn’t happen so often now, because I have become better at reading my own body’s warning signs of an impending flare-up or problem. In the beginning, everything is new – and…

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  • Flare Up Management

    How to make decisions to help tame the IBD monster NB: This had been intended to be written before we knew anything about coronavirus (COVID-19) so there has been the addition of COVID information throughout this article; to be relevant and highlighted for easy visibility. Hospitals are undergoing significant changes as they adapt and respond to coronavirus. This means there have been changes to outpatient clinics and adjustments to local…

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