Yesterday I got the call that will hopefully start to change my Crohnie life again.

My IBD nurse confirmed that the GI GMT have successfully approved me for Infliximab. 

I go back to the hospital next Tuesday for a “routine” clinic appointment to fix my first infusion date, after my bloods, TB test and chest X-ray.

I had had an god awful day at work. Short staffed, in pain and bloated to within an inch of my work uniform, I was eagerly anticipating my vibrating phone my apron pocket, telling me my answer was finally here. I was in completely my own world until we cleaned up and were about to leave when I checked my voice mail. I was over the moon. I could finally start getting better! I just had to get through October, as the infusion suite is massively booked up until early November.

The thought only occurred to me as I started to drift off into slumber land, this must mean I fit the criteria for Infliximab. Detailed on page  fourteen (NICE guidance for Adalimumab and Infliximab) of the BSG (British Society of Gastroentrology) Recommended Guidelines for IBD Management, here it is, in black and white. I must be this sick. Which is perplexing to me, that I need reminding of that fact.

I guess that is the most difficult part of having something like IBD, an invisible illness, it truly is invisible, even to me, the patient. 

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