patient and public involvement

  • IBD Patient Involvement in Research Day

    Something I had never really considered before was; How much involvement do patients have with research within the scope of their conditions? Turns out, lots. Why is this important? Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) is something that happens within all clinical research or clinical trial. And when you think about it, it makes sense – why would you research something, create and set up a trial for something new, if…

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  • London: for Business not Pleasure

    London. The centre of bowel related things I love going to London, the capital of my country. I never get bored of going, there is always something new to discover; no two trips are the same. It’s expanse, it’s network of tubes and trains, it’s hustle and bustle; it calls to me. I am a Brummie girl after all. A couple of weeks ago I had a public engagement in…

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  • A Day in the Life – The ROManTIC Trial

    Two weeks ago, I was invited to the Royal College of Surgeons in London for discussions of a new trial for Ileocecal Crohn’s patients. This has been the first time I’d been invited – well, I had sought out this day for my own medical geeky-ness – to participate in something so formal and important as a possible trial. Its objective was to gain the perspectives of both patients and…

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