• Let’s Talk About: Infusions in IBD

    Welcome to my new mini-series, ‘Let’s Talk About” a place where I’ll be breaking down barriers to commonplace situations within IBD care. I’ve had Crohn’s disease since 2011 and have had a lot of both positive and negative experiences in my care within that time. I want to lessen the emotional burden of having IBD on the newly diagnosed as well as those who are established but experiencing new challenges.…

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  • “What are infusions like?”

    Intravenous simply means β€˜into a vein’. Medicines and other fluids can be given directly via a vein into your bloodstream. A fine tube, called a cannula, is inserted into a vein, usually in your arm or hand, using a needle. The cannula is then connected by an IV line (a long, thin tube) to an infusion pump that delivers the medicine or fluid. Infusions are usually given by medical staff…

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