Scope booked – oh the dread


After numerous phone calls, I’ve finally received my complete paperwork for my colonoscopy.

Pre-assessment on Feb 23rd and procedure on March 8th.

So after all this time waiting and then chasing for my appointment, I’m just as eager to get it over and done with. Its never a pleasant experience; which starts with many many cups of prep to get through, the enema on the morning, having a canulla placed when dehydrated from all the clean out work I would have done and then having a camera put up your butt. There are two siliver linings: 1. Full sedation with gas and air, with its delightful feeling of not really being there and enjoying being just a little drugged out of your skull. 2. That first sip of tea and first bit of toast once you’ve fully come around in recovery. Pure bliss.

At least this time I haven’t got the dreaded Gastroscopy prior to the full scope. Small favour eh?

I still worry about how I will feel by then – I already feel rubbish and have had a awful day of running between my desk at work and the bathroom, which continued well into my coming home at lunchtime. Safe to say, I don’t think anything is improving and I am really looking forward to getting to the 23rd so I can discuss everything with my consultant. As its before my scope, I can hardly ask for a plan but I want to know what is happening once results are known and how fast it can happen, if I am needing help. I just don’t want the steroids. I’ve spent enough time on them over the past couple years to know they won’t help and I’m already at my tetter as to how much more I can take – medication wise, pain wise, crappy quality of life wise too.

So the countdown is on!



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