Day Thirty – Recap

You made it! 30 posts in 30 days! Today, write a recap of your experience. What was your favourite prompt? Least favourite? What have you learned? Describe your HAWMC experience in one word! Every year – being it HAWMC or NHBPM – I get into the last 7 days and I start to panic. I get so used to writing every single day, after a big 30 in 30 month, its difficult to continue some sort of momentum without the prompts or the inspiration. It is abit more about freedom afterwards, everything writing the month after HAWMC has been edited beyond anything it needs…


Day Twenty Nine – Congratulations

We all know Health Activists are awesome. Share three things you love about yourself, things you’re great at, or just want to share. Don’t undercut or signpost! 1. I get stuck in. Sometimes its pretty hard getting starting with a new project, especially if the process is quite unsure or difficult, or indeed once you get stuck into a rut of nothing occurring from it, but I do love a good challenge. This is true of this blog, of running my Brownies pack and setting up my Crohns support group. All of them have taken alot of time and effort to…


Day Twenty Seven – Titles

If you wrote a book about your life, your community, your condition, or your Health Activism – what would you title it? Come up with 5 working titles. What about your biography? BUTT OUT – THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO DEAL WITH IGNORANT AND UNEDUCATED QUERIES ABOUT IBD / INVISIBLE ILLNESS. Too much? Too sarcastic? I feel as if not enough has happened to me to warrant a book about my life, my condition. And if there isn’t enough books related to Crohns and how to manage it, what works with your diet, etc. But I do get alot of questions about the invisablity of…


Day Twenty Six – Pain Free Pass

 What’s a day that you wish you could have used a pain-free pass (either in the future or the past)? How would being pain or worry-free impact that day? Having just had my 25th birthday and spent that day in quite abit of pain – through my joints and my gut – I would really like a pain free pass on every birthday. Think of it as a absolutely brilliant birthday present, health gods. It would be fantastic. Just one day. Kick me down every other day, just let me have April 16th off from all the nausea and rotten joints. Being slightly pessimistic,…


Day Twenty Five – Learning

Share something you learned from another Health Activist (that everyone should know!). Share something you’d like to teach other Health Activists. Since almost the start of my Crohnie journey, I’ve followed the lovely Sara Ringer’s blog. It has always be there to help to me find hope when I needed it. She writes with such honesty and passion, I adore her for all those words she write, because they have helped me in ways she does not know. I’ve read almost everything she’s posted, and lately she’s been stuck. Like some, she finds it hard to “update” people on her…



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