Half way through or half way there?

So, this week I’m half way through my four weeks of this second infusion. This also means, I’m more than half way to my next infusion too. In fact, its 9 days away and honestly. I’m excited. The difference between now and before Inflixmab is huge. And add to this how different I feel between first and second infusion, and now, awaiting the third, it’s quite amazing how this is really helping. Now, as you already know, I am not biological naive, meaning I have received biological treatment for my Crohn’s in the past. That was between December 2011- and…


Infliximab #2

Two weeks came around fast. I could hardly believe it was my bloods check up last Friday, let alone how quickly the weekend came and gone, then it was Tuesday. Time for an all day stint at the hospital, sitting around waiting for time to pass. This time, everything was delayed. I was on a later appointment schedule, so that I could make my already scheduled GI clinic appointment that afternoon, and from the start, it was running late. There was already three other patients on the pumps, so I had to wait for the first to finish, which was…


Infliximab #1

Yesterday was very interesting. I am very used to being at the hospital, the regularity of my clinic appts and my ‘need’ for blood tests within the NHS trust system, I’m there at least once a week some weeks. That being said, it was extremely nerve-wracking waiting to be called into the infusion room. With my regular IBD nurse off sick at the moment, I was handed over to her back up, partner in crime and she administered my medication. She is great, not as brilliant and proficient and professional as my regular IBD nurse, but she was just what…


A bag of nerves

So, tomorrow is my first Inflixmab infusion. This is my second and final attempt at a biological treatment for my Crohn’s Disease. Last December the decision was made, after much discussion and scoping, that I was to stop Humira. I was feeling a mixture of relief and freedom. No more fortnightly injections, no more struggling to get through a 14 day cycle, no more crappy immune system, I could finally start a Crohnie life without medication. For both my medical team and myself, it was a little test to see how well my body and disease could go without medical…


“What a waste of my time”

“What a waste of my time” : something I’d spent most of last week, in the aftermath of my routine clinic appointment, saying to myself. I attended the hospital last Tuesday, after hearing of my approval by my current consultant, his replacement and my IBD nurse for me to start Infliximab, for my already scheduled appointment. I was under the impression, from all the conversations me and my nurse had leading up to my appointment, that my treatment plan was up for discussion. I didn’t even see my GI, I saw some other doctor from the “team”. He had no…



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