IV Therapy

IV Therapy For all patients in hospitals, cannulas are used for access for fluids and medications. Anyone staying for more than a couple days, or in a state of dehydration; cannulation is pretty common practice in all hospitals. For Gasto patients, this need is even higher; the lack of fluid being kept back in the body reaches all time lows…

Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don’t want to make eye contact while doing it. John Green (via suckonpronouns)

Iron Infusion

I look very happy don’t I? Tuesday I spent the day in the Day Hospital at Good Hope having my Iron Infusion done. It’s a pretty simple procedure for treatment. They take obs and then insert an IV into your vein – usually on the hand or the forearm – and flush it. Then they administer a 15 minute test…

My honesty will be the death of me. Or maybe it won’t. It is true for everyone – and even more poignant for people who suffer with a chronic, long term illness – that you need a strong support network around you. Know how you get into mine? You stick by me through the bad times. The good times, they…

It was December 15th and I finally felt good. I was a month out of hospital and just had a Humira injection – one of the first amazing few – and was home alone. I came upstairs into my room and got my make up out. It had been months and months since I had even opened the bag and felt any…


Tuesday is the date for my Iron Infusion at the hospital. Ever heard of an iron infusion? No? Me either. It was put into motion at my last clinic appointment, 5 weeks ago. I got home that day to find out what it was. This site and this one provide the best information about it. People who suffer from chronic…


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