Day One – Health Time Capsule

Health Time Capsule. Pretend you’re making a time capsule of you and your health focus that would be opened until 2112. Whats in it? What would people think of it when they found it? The things that help me survive on a daily basis – I’d try and squash my blog and my twitter into it, along with all the people who have helped me out – family, friends, IBD family, hospital staff and my consultant. Baby wipes! My snuggle pillow – its been my snugglest companion during this whole thing. My collection of ER – they helped me through…


March 2012

Prelude: I thought the best way to ‘track’ Crohns and related / subsequent issues, besides my medication diary, is to write a monthly post about how *this* month has been. Yes, I juggle alot of balls in the air. So, let’s begin.. I ended February with discovering I was in desperate need of counselling for my Crohns and related problems, be them medical, anxieties or just emotional and mental health. I actually ended up crying on the decorating floor at work, not understanding what was happening to me. I had to admit (with the help of many of my IBD…


Being Ballsy

Having a chronic illness changes alot of things about yourself. It makes you scared. It makes you think twice about small, trivial things. It makes you pause alot more than before. It make you weary and skeptical. It makes you.. a different person. In many small, insignificant ways. I can only speak for myself, but being sick really does suck. And yes, it happens, I can not avoid that, there is no two ways about it really, its going to come around when you least expect it and even when you know its coming, it still throws you for six.…


Breaking the cycle..

Any Crohnies out there suffer with Insomnia? Put those hands up! I can most definitely raise my hand to this. In fact, some days it gets so bad, I think it needs two hands. Before I got sick (my god, how often does this phrase come out of my mouth of late? I’ve had so much explaining to do, to new people, to clear up awkward silences.. but more on that tomorrow) I was away at university for four years. I could easily get away with just a couple hours sleep a night before being able to start again. Most…



It is almost the end of March. I’ve been Crohns symptom free for almost all of March. Besides my blip at work two Saturdays ago, not much has upset my digestive system and even the cloud of Depression has been light and breezy of late. But tonight, out of nowhere, symptoms. Started with that gurgling stomach. Usually in the mornings, but I ignored it this morning. I didn’t have much breakfast – no change there – and had a very late lunch. Snacked before the big Sunday roast. Ate a butt load of lovely yummy roast potatoes, beef, veg and…



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