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The Importance of a AUR – Appliance User Review

** Warning: this post contains details about my stoma, it’s appearance and output. If you would not like to read, please stop now ** That ‘aha!’ moment Lately, I’ve been experiencing some quite bad leaks with my stoma bag. What started off as just because I’d change my bag after two days of wear, it soon became daily and then…


The Digestive System: Part IV

Digestion Myths & Ostomy Misconceptions Myth: Diarrhoea is a sign of an infection and you should just let it run its course Diarrhoea affects most people from time to time and has many different causes, including viruses, bacteria picked up from contaminated food, anxiety, food allergies and long term conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Whatever the cause, it is recommend to…


The Digestive System: Part III

How does having surgery affect the Digestive System? Types of IBD Bowel Surgery Depending on the location of your IBD and the amount of inflammation that needs operating on, there are several options of bowel surgery. Most will be a resection of what is deemed to be too extensive to be helped my medical therapy. From these resections, there is…


The Digestive System: Part II

How does having IBD effect the Digestive System? Firstly, what is IBD? Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is an umbrella term for the long term and sometimes chronic digestive conditions in which the intestine become inflamed. The main two types are Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Whilst both affect the digestive tract, they do so differently. So, what is Crohn’s disease and what makes…


The Digestive System: Part I

What exactly is the ‘Digestive System’? When we say ‘digestive system‘ we are referring to the system within our body which helps us process food. Included this system is the gastrointestinal (GI) tract along with the liver, pancreas and gallbladder. The GI – or Digestive – Tract consists of a series of hollow organs which connect to a long, twisting…


Surviving the Winter with an Ostomy: A Guide

Winter time can be a daunting and challenging time when you have an ostomy. Worries can focus around how routines change with the season, what you’ll be able to eat and drink during the festive period, whether you will be prepared for the ramping up of social activities and ensuring you have supplies to see you through and how to cope…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Information

In previous posts in this series, I’ve explained how to use individual products as well as when to use them. This is called ‘best practice‘ and is something that a Stoma Care Nurse (SCN) should advise you on, if you require any of the individual supporting products. Whilst ostomy supplies in the UK are covered by a ‘exemption’ certificate –…


Ostomy Supporting Products – Powder

What is it? Stoma powder is a non-medicated powder that is designed to absorb moisture from raw or broken skin surrounding a stoma. It can also be known as stomahesive powder or peristomal skin protection. Common selling points of stoma powder are: Absorbs moisture to lessen the risk of skin irritation Helps form a protective barrier for moist skin which is either…


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