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Stoma Life – YEAR THREE

What I’ve Learnt and Achieve in the Last Twelve Months with my Ostomy Year Three with Priscilla has been one of calm in the mist of chaos. I made the gutsy decision to say goodbye to my sassy stump and hello to the Barbie butt club. My mental recovery has and still is the hardest part of living with IBD and a stoma. It is a hidden undercurrent and blinds me every dang time.   But what did the next twelve months have in store for me? I began the ‘year’ but having an interesting experience with a MRI scan and…


This is Not My First Choice

Monday. This morning I ordered my stoma supplies with my delivery company and my prescription with my GP.  By next week I’ll be organising and putting away another months worth of supplies to get me through August.  August. My stoma was created three years ago this August. The day before my partners birthday – we celebrated my ‘new’ chapter and his life.  I was always very comfortable with my stoma. Never really hated it as a concept, just what it would do to my skin when my new liquid poop burnt my skin. There are ways to cope with that, but what…


The Importance of a AUR – Appliance User Review

** Warning: this post contains details about my stoma, it’s appearance and output. If you would not like to read, please stop now ** That ‘aha!’ moment Lately, I’ve been experiencing some quite bad leaks with my stoma bag. What started off as just because I’d change my bag after two days of wear, it soon became daily and then multiple times a day. Sometimes, it would happen before I’d even had a chance to do the first empty of a new bag! After almost a year without massive leaks and only a few patches of soreness I solved myself,…


The Digestive System: Part IV

Digestion Myths & Ostomy Misconceptions Myth: Diarrhoea is a sign of an infection and you should just let it run its course Diarrhoea affects most people from time to time and has many different causes, including viruses, bacteria picked up from contaminated food, anxiety, food allergies and long term conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Whatever the cause, it is recommend to treat it early. Diarrhoea removes fluids and salts from the body, so it is important that these are replaced with rehydration therapy and by drinking lots of water. Treating the symptoms of diarrhoea early with loperamide is an effective way…


The Digestive System: Part III

How does having surgery affect the Digestive System? Types of IBD Bowel Surgery Depending on the location of your IBD and the amount of inflammation that needs operating on, there are several options of bowel surgery. Most will be a resection of what is deemed to be too extensive to be helped my medical therapy. From these resections, there is an alternation to the natural or ‘normal’ digestive system. Some of these resections will require an ostomy being created. The most common operations for Crohn’s disease include: Strictureplasty – reshaping of the bowel to treat strictures and blockages. Resection– the damaged…


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