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The “What is a Stoma?” Series – Part III

Welcome to Part III in my new blog series on “What is a Stoma?”  This instalment covers the question of what exactly having a stoma feels like, possible diet & lifestyle changes, potential complications and considerations of living with a stoma and where to get access to support & advice for coping with having a stoma. The information below I…


Why I’m Keeping my Stoma Bag | World Ostomy Day 2017

Today is World Ostomy Day and I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while now. I’ve spoken about why and how I came to have my ostomy quite abit – you can read more under the category ‘ostomy‘ – but recently, I’ve been considered what would happen if I went permanent. You see, my ostomy is technically and surgically…


The “What is a Stoma?” Series – Part II

Welcome to Part II in my new blog series on “What is a Stoma?”  This instalment covers the Digestive System 101, why and when stomas are needed as well as how they are formed surgically. Hopefully this gives you some insight into the many different reasons why stomas come to be, a basic but solid understand in the digestive system…


The “What is a Stoma?” Series – Part I

Welcome to my new blog series on “What is a Stoma?” This is aimed as providing educational information about why, how and when ostomies are formed; dispelling common mistakes and myths surrounding them, giving advice on how to manage the basics of a stoma, navigating ostomy supplies as well as exploring not only physical landscape of living with a stoma…


Happy Stomaversary!

What I’ve Achieved in Twelve Months with my Ostomy   Well, me and Priscilla have been belly buddies for a whole year today. It feels like such a long time but it also feels like nothing, like I’ve clicked my fingers and here we are. But what have I done in these twelve months since that fateful day of ostomy…


When Does Having an Ostomy Feel “Normal”?

I am a firm believer in self confidence. Feeling sure of yourself and who you are is a big part of feeling good about life. But do you know what makes self confidence difficult? An incurable chronic illness. And all the things that come with it. What I struggled with was, after almost five years of living with Crohn’s Disease,…


Life Lately | Struggling in The Heat

Guys, Summer is not my friend Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer but I like to be inside enjoying it. I hate being too hot and just prefer to be cool instead of roasting myself in the sun like a chestnut. I’ve felt this way for all of my teenager years, into adulthood and it’s been a struggle…


The Reminder that I’m Not Normal

I sit in the bathroom, looking straight ahead to my ostomy bags and accessories. I smell the clinical, medical appliance nature of them, but they don’t look medical. I know the feel of my bag, the crinkle of the fabric again my waistband. The grey colour that disappears under my clothes, concealing my medical condition.  An ileostomy. My stoma. Pricilla,…


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