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Life Lately | “How’s It Going?”

I’ve been posting a lot lately, which hasn’t been the norm for a long while. Some of the explanation is because I hadn’t been inspired by much in the past couple months and my fatigue had been eating away at my free time as napping had taken over; but it’s most recently its been down to the fact I’ve been off sick. Yes, signed off sick from work, yet again. And funnily enough, this time, I don’t feel the guilt I usually feel. Sure, I missed my job, the work environment and those lovely people I work and interact with…


Life Lately | Pushing Through

  I like to think that life throws you only what you can handle. That we get given things that will test us but will not break us. Sure, they push us to breaking point but we never break. I’ve dealt with a lot of things in the last six years, especially in the months following surgery. I like to believe that those months in post op recovery is where I got my resolve and resolution from. It is also where I learnt who I am. It shaped me in a big way; I overcame obstacles, I push myself, I…


Entry #3: February 7th 2018

A different day, time and location for CBT today. I’ve been feeling bit brighter the last day or two, able to sort of think and process what I’m feeling instead of being numb and like I’m stuck under water. I even did my “homework” and looked at some situations where my anxiety stops me from doing those things; cognitive retraining. But today we spoke about my trip back home for a long weekend and how the new medication has been working. I explained about the numb drunk feeling I’ve been experiencing, which I wasn’t sure was normal, but is. Feeling…


Entry #1 : January 11th 2018

I started CBT this week. Well, the first pre-session appointment. And the psychological wellbeing practitioner hit the nail on the head with some of the issues I have. When someone, who doesn’t know you in any capacity, can spend twenty minutes with you and your reactions, pin point your issues and make a treatment plan; you know it’s going to be worth the effort. I went in to the room not sure what to expect but knowing that I had done this twice before, it would be the same. But it wasn’t in the slightest. Previous experiences have focused on…


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