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My Love for Self Care

Here comes that word “self care” again.   It seems that self care has morphed into what can sometimes be seen as being selfish, spending excesses beyond your means and overextending your limits; to create a perfect excuse for ‘treating yo’ self’ to anything and everything. And while elements of those expressions do exist, caring for yourself is something we shouldn’t have…


2019 Goals

At the end of 2017, I was recovering from a low blow my health dealt me a couple of months previous and wrote this about my goals for 2018. And whilst I am still a goal orientated and goal driven person, I know that ‘goals’ don’t always fall nicely into a calendar year, nor do they always feel complete. With…


Life Lately | The Revolving Door of Feelings

“It’s a shame. It’s awful being a grown up. But the carousel never stops turning. You can’t get off.” Hands up, who else feels like this?     I definitely feel this a lot of late. I thought it was just a chronic illness problem; that my life was beginning to be more and more dictated by my illness more…


Oh ‘August’, Why do You Hate Me?

August, oh my. Patterns emerge when you’ve had your chronic illness for a while. There are some things you enjoy seeing the patterns towards; like when you can anticipate some symptoms or you get a click moment of clarity. But there are some patterns that do nothing but chip away at your emotions. August is that for me. Trigger, for…


That Seven Year Itch

Yesterday, I made my way to work; another Thursday commuting through town. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing different; just the same old routine. The same thing I’ve been doing for months over the summer. I scroll through my phone, enjoying the Throwback Thursday as I do most Thursdays, to find myself fixated on the date. My Timehop shows me everything…


Expectations: The Chronic Illness Saga

Let’s highlight something, okay? Chronic illness means it is life long. It persists for a long time or constantly recurs. This means that whilst I wish my IBD would sod off at times and just leave me alone, it simply does not do that. I spent alot of time in my first year or so with my disease, wondering when it…


Life Lately | Pushing Through

  I like to think that life throws you only what you can handle. That we get given things that will test us but will not break us. Sure, they push us to breaking point but we never break. I’ve dealt with a lot of things in the last six years, especially in the months following surgery. I like to…


Entry #3: February 7th 2018

A different day, time and location for CBT today. I’ve been feeling bit brighter the last day or two, able to sort of think and process what I’m feeling instead of being numb and like I’m stuck under water. I even did my “homework” and looked at some situations where my anxiety stops me from doing those things; cognitive retraining.…


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