colorectal surgery

  • Hernias & Stomas

    I remember sitting in my hospital bed, after my first solo stoma bag change back in 2016 and my nurse said β€œyou must always try and avoid a hernia. You are more susceptible to them now”. I was four or five days post op and I just nodded along. It was never a big worry to me – I wasn’t very sporty or active – didn’t they happen to just…

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  • Having Major Surgery During a Pandemic

    I know almost all of us did not expect nor predict that 2020 would be how it has been thus far. It has been without a doubt the most challenging year for a very long time. However, when you have a chronic illness, you go through periods where you are indeed isolated and out of the public sphere due to ill health. I, myself, have had my fair share of…

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