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My honesty will be the death of me. Or maybe it won’t.

It is true for everyone – and even more poignant for people who suffer with a chronic, long term illness – that you need a strong support network around you. Know how you get into mine? You stick by me through the bad times. The good times, they come around again eventually, but the test of your character – and of mine, but that’s another story – is how you help me when I’m at my worst.

What do you say, what do you do when I am at the lowest point of my Crohn’s? Do you hide away and claim to be ‘too busy’ to visit or call or even fucking enquire about me? Or do you actively come and find me? Do you come and bother me because you know deep down that I need to fussed into doing something? Do you embrace me and know that I am strong and will get through this? Do you make me laugh and smile and distract me through the painful times? Are you going to be awesome to me when I feel like the most unattractive, self conscious, weepy, weak girl in the world? Will stick by me and hold my hand?

If you do, I love you more than I say or know. And for that, I say thank you.