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I’m usually so good with travelling.
I’ve never had any major issues with my Crohns in regards to getting around places. Admittedly I’ve never made a trip further than London and I’ve never gone further than Birmingham without somoene else with me. So, to go all the way to St Albans to CCUK Head Office for a training day, I thought nothing of it.

I’ve been up and down, health wise, of late.
So, imagine my suprise when my flare up rears its ugly head yesterday of all days. I’ve felt slightly unwell for most of the week, but put those feelings down to stress and my work schedule. But Friday night as I ran about my room packing and getting my notes on social media organised, I had the tiny inklinng that maybe tomorrow would be abit problematic. I was right.

I started the day with a wake up call at 5.30am by the wonderfully frustated Bernie. This wasn’t so out of the ordinary, but hasn’t happened for a couple weeks, not since the Mesalazine treatment started. But since the drop to 15 mg of Pred mid-week, things in my gut haven’t been right: everything coming out of me has been at either end of the BSC (bristol stool chart) spectrum, never in the comfortable middle zone. Its been a frustrating week with my butt.
So, after that wake up call, I couldn’t get back to sleep. I had a hour until I had to leave. But I was in Pred insominia mode. I was getting three trains there and three to get back. Lots of stations and not alot of time to find toilet factilities. Bloody typical.

At every single change over, I had to find them. Queue my embarassment.

I got to Head Office and I was hungry, pissed off and tired, despite it being only 11am. We got through alot of new information and good activities, but by 3pm, I wanted my bed. I wished I could have left right there and then.

On my final train home to Lichfield and I was in a considerable amount of pain. I had the lovely visit to the loo to find blood. And it was so uncomfortable to sit down properlly. And standing up only made my back ache and my joints swell. I am a walking disaster. And after I got in, I had a Brownies commitment to fulfill. And then work all of today. And whatever shift I have for the week ahead. I am really not in the mood. In fact, despite two cups of coffee and those nervous twitches I get in a flare up, I could have quite easily slept on the last train last night and ended up in Crewe and been a happy bunny.