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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Yeah, I relate to this way too much.

And I say it time and time again –  surgery changed my life – but this time, it’s gone and given me something I would never have expected.

A job.

I kept it very hush hush and only really celebrated when I got offered it and accepted. So, I am now an employed lady. Hallelujah!

Some might say that “Oh, it’s just a job. You’ve already worked whilst you’ve been chronically ill, what’s so different about this?” Well, it’s a job in a field where I really see myself making a name for myself. It’s a field I’m passionate about and want to commit some serious time and effort towards. So much so, that I am moving away from ‘home’ to do so. I was led towards this job by someone who has faith in me, my skills and ability. It’s a recommendation I take very seriously. I am now also finally well enough to actually work, something I don’t take lightly given all the medical problems last year.

So, this isn’t just a job to me. This is a huge opportunity and I am going into it with so much excitement and enthusiasm. But it comes with a huge move, some stress and getting back out there in the work place. It also comes with living alone, which had been welcomed but now, now I’m feeling unsure.

So life has given me lemons and my lemonade is going to be great but how do I make the most of my lemonade? How do I do the best things for myself, in this situation? How do I live on my own? Last time I did that I was 18-22 and not sick yet. I consider that carefree, but now, life isn’t so carefree; it involves being methodical and prepared. I have so much to do to get ready for this move but mentally, I am just stuck. I am living in a nostalgic hole this week, before I go and view more places in my new city. And I think that is okay. I am going to miss home but I need to go and do this, I have the right reasons to do so, it is time.

It is time.

This is all just happening as if it was meant to be. I haven’t always believed in that but lately, things just keep coming up and happening. Don’t get me wrong, I work hard for the things that I want and I go after opportunities but some things, they have just called to me. Life has been like this since surgery; getting stronger each week, knowing more of what I want and don’t want, becoming more sure about who I am what I stand for. I am figuring out what I want. It’s like they took my colon but gave me purpose. Ambition. Drive. They reconnected me to what really matters, what is important. I was given a new lease on life.

It’s going to be damn good lemonade, eh?

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