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Pesky Ovaries!

I’ve mentioned before, following some investigatory blood work, my GP had referred me to a Endocrinologist for some more answers and possible treatment for my PCOS.

Background: I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – since I was 16/17 when I had a very large absence of periods, as well as ‘weight gain’ and some hirsutism. This was, back then almost 15 years ago, treated with the contraceptive pill for a long while. I tried a variety of ones to find a suitable one. Just before I started to become unwell with my IBD diagnosis, I was on a transdermal patch called Evra which worked brilliantly. I continued on this up until 2017 when I was flagged as having a higher risk of DVT because on migraines. Throughout all my IBD flare ups, medication changes, procedures and surgeries, it was not a problem. Now it was, and I was removed from having it. Since then, I’ve been tried to find a method which helps – given my complex medical history and issues – and decided to just not take anything. I’ve been like this since June 2018 and without a monthly bleed since July that year.

So, yesterday I attended my first appointment. We discussed my previous history and what has brought me to him. My last hormone blood work came back with higher than normal testosterone levels and low female hormones. This is due to my PCOS – women with cysts on their ovaries which make ovulation sporadic, have increased levels of testosterone. This makes body hair grow faster, reduces the ability to loose weight, stops periods when not on a contraceptive that regulates all the hormones needed for ovulation.

My situation at the moment is the great abundance of hirsutism I am dealing with. Its been getting worse in the months since my last bleed – coming up to ten months – and I’ve reached a high level of cosmetic intervention. I have also, gained alot of weight since my ostomy surgery. This has a strong impact on me, as I’m experiencing pain on a level which i have not had in all the time with my IBD. Controlling that, was most important. Loosing weight, not so much.

I am not oblivious to the fact that controlling my weight will benefit a numerous aspects of my life. And it is becoming a trend between more than one of my specialists. Yes, I agree, I need to do something, anything. But let’s get this surgery done first.

Treatment of my current experience of my PCOS is to try a new contraceptive pill and keep using cosmetic means to tackle my hirsutism. I had alot of bloods taken, so we have a picture of what levels of hormones I have in my system.

  • 17P – 17 OH Progesterone
  • DHEAS – Dehydroepland’one S
  • FSH – FSH
  • LFT- LFT
  • PROL – Prolactin
  • SHBG – Sex H Binding Globulin
  • UE – Creatinine & Electrolytes
  • ANDI – Androstenedion
  • E2 – Oestradiol
  • HBA1 – HbA1c
  • RGLU – Glucose (Random)
  • TF3 – TF3
  • URA – Urea


We discussed that this needs to be taken for 4-6 months before we try another possible treatment – Metformin. This will be a life long drug to treat my PCOS and does comes with specific indications for use, as well as risks. As it controls insulin levels within the body, we need to make sure that this is right to use in my circumstances. It will also need monitoring.

I came away, after my bloods, thinking that at least this was positive.

My new contraceptive will be issued to my GP in the next couple of days once my blood work goes to this consultant for review. I will, however, have to wait a month after my operation to start taking it.

So, this being ‘sorted’ or at least on it’s way to being treated at the very least, I am glad I stuck it out and went. Nothing will change over night, and accepting that is hard. This is another ball to juggle in the circus that is my health at the moment.


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