REVIEW: Pelican Platinum with Vitamin E Barrier Range

Why am I using them?

Back in late February, I went through a phase where my barrier product wasn’t giving me the protection and security I’d been used to. I started to experience more itching under my baseplate – a sure sign of an impending leak and definitely some skin irritation – and no amount of minor adjustments to my template or routine would fix this: I had to admit defeat and try a new barrier product.

I went through a couple of samples of traditional barriers but each one had a downside. Some were too tacky to apply my seal correctly, some made my skin drier – especially around the very edge of my baseplate – or they contained too much alcohol it would burn my skin instead of healing it.

One evening, at the end of my tether, with my skin broken and sore; I got a recommendation for the Vitamin E barrier from Pelican and things began to change.

What does Pelican Healthcare say about the product range?

“Our new Platinum with Vitamin E Elements range has been designed to not only look after your general stoma care but also the healthy skin surrounding it. Platinum with Vitamin E Elements range containing 1% vitamin E, gives you four areas of enhanced performance resulting in real benefits that last.

Four Areas of Enhanced Performance:

  • Moisturising – Can help to nourish the delicate skin around your stoma and prevent dryness. Hydrates your skin and helps prevent further water loss.
  • Faster Haling – Can help to improve your skin condition by repairing skin damaged through skin stripping.
  • Kinder to Skin – Can help reduce skin damage and skin redness with its antioxidant properties. 
  • Anti-Inflammatory – Can help to minimise skin irritation caused by pouch changes. 

Our new range includes Barrier Cream, Barrier Film Spray, Adhesive Remover Spray and Adhesive Remover Wipes.”


What are the benefits of Vitamin E?

“Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant and has been in use for more than 50 years in dermatology. It is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products and protects the skin from various effects.

Vitamin E has emerged as a go-to treatment for a number of skin disorders owing to its anti-oxidant properties, which helps to leave your skin moisturised, protected and nourished. To find out more, visit the NCBI website here.”

My thoughts

Isn’t it just wondering when something new works brilliantly?

I began using this product leading up to my surgery in late March; aware than the affects of being in a hospital and having had anaesthetic would affect my skin, and have not looked back since.

Surgery did affect my stoma, and the effects have meant some changes in my routine but positive ones! I’ve gone from using numerous products to relying on four key products to help me keep my peristomal skin intact and my stoma happy and functioning. I’m able to layer these barrier wipe up so I can have two layers exactly where my stoma begins to break down the seal and baseplate first – giving me a day of wear longer.

I have no problems with removing the product from my skin on a bag change. There are no patches of worn and broken skin, no dryness around the edge of my baseplate – unless I am dehydrated which is not a product related issue – and there is no irritation to my skin. All around, the perfect product for my new skin issues.

(l-r) Barrier Spray, Barrier Wipes, Adhesive Remover Spray – all with Vitamin E

I’ve recently gotten some of the barrier spray to use too, meaning I can specifically keep some product wipes back for travelling – making being out of the house easier, more relaxing and secure.

Products such as barrier have traditionally been called ‘accessories’ which makes the sound like the help aid our stoma routines, when I could not be without my barrier or seal – they are just as important as my stoma bag! I have built a good relationship with my GP and I use my products correctly without overusing, so I have had no problem getting what I require, especially something new like this. Even a conversation with someone in the prescription team has been met with positivity not aggression; as it sometimes can be.


Getting samples 

For those wanting to trial the Vitamin E range – including the Pelican Platinum stoma bags – you can phone Pelican directly on 0800 318 282,  email or visit their website for samples of the range here. They ask for some information regarding your current products to assess suitability and will take your current stoma bags product code to best match the baseplate for your stoma.


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