Ten Positives to Take from 2020

Let’s be honest here, 2020 definitely sucked.

It was universally a terrible year of loss, grief, devastating news and uncertainty. For most, that won’t have inspired alot of positives going into 2021. But, there is always hope and light in the darkest of times.

What positives have come out of 2020?

1. Having a healthy relationship with yourself is VERY important – During the past few months, the lockdown and social distancing rules have tested us mentally. While being isolated, I’ve realised just how vital and valuable it is to have a healthy relationship with yourself. Remembering that our greatest freedom is how we react, instead of making a mental list of all the things I missed or was unable to do, I turned my attention to everything I could do. I kept my list simple and included things that I had wanted to give my time to but couldn’t.

2. Improvements in medicine – Increased hygiene and social distancing practices have reduced the instances of other medical problems like seasonal flu. A hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine has also seen medical breakthroughs.

3. Choosing who is important to us – We’ve been reminded of how much our loved ones mean to us and the importance of the time we spend with them. When you surround yourself with optimistic people, their positivity also rubs off on you.

4. Sense of gratitude – We can be grateful for the freedoms we used to take for granted—for the health professionals and other workers who keep us safe, and for our connections, family and friends. A sense of gratefulness helps to build resilience.

5. Use this time to slow down – With no daily commutes, no hustle and bustle of 21st-century life, we have been able to slow down, look around and appreciate where we are. Nature has been a great tool to uplift many during lockdowns, as well as its ability to thrive once more without noise and air pollution.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

6. Flexible working became a reality – Covid-19 has given millions of us the chance to prove that working from home and around family commitments can be just as productive, if not better, than being tied to the 9-5.

7. A focus on being home and being comfortable – Home was a place to rest your head in between work, but now it seems things have flipped as most of us work from home or are unable to work. Appreciating feeling comfortable and relaxed for longer periods has been beneficial for many.

8. How resilient we are – Despite all the fear and uncertainty of the virus, we have proved time and time again we can see things through and battle on to the next step. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for being resilient throughout 2020.

9. Different ways to connect – The increase in online technology being available to the masses, meaning we can video call, have group messaging instead of F2F meetups, has become almost second nature now.

10. It actually ended. We got through it. Simple as that, really.

What positives do you find in 2020 that you are taking forward?

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