Remission: I AM IN IT

So, this week is proving to be quite good. And I want to share my good news, because lets face it, sometimes it happens so infrequently, I just get too excited.

Today I’ve had the results of my MRI scan from last week come back, in the form of my IBD nurse calling me to cancel and rebook some appointments with me. I enquired to what was open on the system for me yesterday via email so when she called me, I was abit confused.

But its good news!

After just five months since my ostomy surgery (and four months of restarting Vedolizumab) I have achieved remission of my Crohn’s Disease!

She was calling to move my surgical review follow up a week back, cancel my next Vedolizumab infusion – would have been early March – and to book me in to see my consultant Gastro in mid-March. These two appointments with my doctors will be to further discuss my scan – I really really want to see the images and have it explained to me, in medical terms (total geek, right here) – and to plan my medication free system.

That means that I am now currently starting a three month trial of receiving no Crohn’s medications. My GI appointment in March will be to see how that has gone up until then, work out a plan for when I would need to contact them to medical intervene – developing what I can a flag system; to identify what requires what help and when, to avoid problems like we did last Summer- and get checked over. I will probably be then moved to the SIX MONTH APPOINTMENT system, which I have never ever been on in all my years with Crohn’s disease.

I am so so so thankful for my ostomy.


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