GYN Surgical Consult – 19.04.16

Thanks to my colorectal surgeon’s quick referral, I was going to see a gynecological surgeon to discuss the removal of the cyst on my left ovary that was discovered on my last MRI in October 2015. I’m very glad it only took a week to get into a clinic to discuss this with them; it had been the one thing that had plagued me throughout our holiday – sleepless nights and irritability with my additional pain levels – I was more worked up about that part of the operation plan than the removal of my bowel. Also, being seen so quick also means this is a problem and urgently needs remedying.

So after a hour wait to see the consulting surgeon – I was told in advance I was placed on the end of the clinic’s list for that day and I would have to sit and wait – we go in to discuss my cyst. On the scan its roughly 7 cm large – “the size of a golf ball I reckon”, he says, matter-of-factly – and is attached to the side of my ovary. From some graphics he shows me on the computer, I can see why it is a problem; it would be sitting right on my bowel. Bowel which is diseased and inflamed. Both causing the other problems, both giving me pain. They couldn’t say if the pain I’m experiencing nowadays is because of my inflamed bowels or my cyst; because both have similar symptoms – bloating, left sided pain, feeling full after small meals.

Doing both at the same time is better for me, in the first instance: only one operation, one recovery period, one stay in hospital, one dose of GA and hopefully no complications from either. Its obviously cost effective for the hospital too. And in the long run, this will hopefully remove all the pain I’ve been experiencing; especially as I’m unsure as to which is causing more pain and when.

It will be done as a cystectomy – read more about the procedure here – after my colorectal surgeon has finished my resection – which is now being described as “a limited right hemicolectomy +/- stricturoplasty”. It will also be done laparoscopically; unless I have already been opened up for my bowel surgery. I’ve read all the risks and signed for the procedure.

Just waiting for pre-op appointment to fall through the letter box. Its all become very real, very fast and I honesty want to run away back to Cornwall; where we were last week, blissfully  acting ignorant about what May will bring.

I’ve been thinking more and more about how to share the next stage of my journey here… I was leaning more towards a video blog because I just know I’ll be so incoherent for a couple days to start with, when all the decisions about recovery really start and I want to capture that the most. I’m worrying about some things and not others; I’m unsure how to communicate them out loud too.



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