It wasn’t until I came to draw up my bullet journal for September, did I think about my August goals!

How did Augusts goals go?

I’ve been able to completely track my GI symptoms and we see some patterns emerging when it comes to what I eat and how it affects me. What has been biggest is seeing how important sleep is for my fatigue, as well as keeping a check on my hormones. I’ve slept more and better in August – which has been greatly improved by letting stuff go and actually taking my Amatriptyline earlier. But whilst I wanted to track my hormones, this has been difficult with my PCOS. I’ve got to find something to help me out with that – tracking wise – and hopefully we can have some insights there too.

And whilst I’ve been sick this month, we celebrate two years with my stoma and a continuation of my IBD being stable.

The end of August was a very busy period; we finally picked a rental property to call our first home together and that took alot of work and organising with paperwork and finances. But now that’s done we can prepare for September. Admittedly alot of the tasks this month will be around moving but I am hoping to plan in sometime to make sure my blog doesn’t suffer by planning ahead and being more flexible by possibly cancelling some posts.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Be packed before moving day
  • Attend all work days
  • Complete and organise all September blog posts


  • Prepare for move – pack up, complete ‘adult’ tasks and be organised.
  • Monitor fatigue and hormones
  • Sort out Facebook Page for blog
  • Continue planning ahead!

There is no doubt that September will be busy, stressful and just full on. Preparing myself!

Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in September?