Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 1

Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 1

This weekend has thrown us a slight curve ball for what is happening in the week ahead.

  • After spending a considerable amount of time of Saturday evening and night at A&E and then being admitted on Sunday for a ostomy blockage, I have yet to be let go and discharged. So that is Mondays plan, along with chasing my next sick note which expired today, typically. Plus sleep, I’ve managed about 3 hrs total this weekend, not happy.
  • Tuesday I plan on catch up with the rest of my sleep from the weekend and doing chores. I have much washing to do before leaving for my Cornwall long weekend with Ben on Thursday. I also have an appointment to see my Gastroenterologist at the hospital; – follow up from last seeing him in June and my recent surgery –NB: how long can I keep saying ‘recent surgery’ when it was in late August?? – which will be entertaining and educational as always. Hoping for some long term goals and plans.
  • Wednesday I’ve got to pack. I’ve already sorted my ostomy supplies and sorted my new camera out – it’s first official outing, woohoo – so just clothes and tech. Just hoping for no rain.
  • Thursday – CORNWALL! We’re aiming to leave after rush hour and not rush ourselves. It’s always a fun drive down and we’ve got an apartment not far from the city centre so it’ll be nice to be away, relaxing and spending some quality time together before Ben starts his new job; away from home training to begin with.
  • We come back to The Midlands on Sunday afternoon so Ben has time to organise himself to get to his first training week away – his induction week. It’s come by so quickly!
  • I’m hoping to fit in time before going away to schedule more blog posts for #HAWMC and some other ostomy related ones, plus of course this hospital admission and my GI Clinic outcome. It’s busy this week…!

Don’t forget to have a fab week guys!


Much love,



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