A week with no appointments!

  • Monday Ben won’t have gone back to Academy or working with his mentor so we are planning a movie and some shopping in a new place. We’ve gotten quite addicted to Pokémon Go – yes, we are adults and enjoying Pokémon, and what? It gets us out walking and talking about something new.. gotta roll with it! – and its nice to go out on a day when its not so busy with people around like the weekend. The only draw back for having a new job that is weekdays 9-5.
  • Tuesday I have got plans to go out and work. I have a couple future posts I have to get written or at very least prepped and my SafeSpace post to get online. Deciding what to discuss when I am “well” is hard. Probably why the motivation for writing has gone. Its sad that I thrive when I am sick.
  • Wednesday I’ve got my blood test for Vitamin B12. It’s close to six months post op and they need my baseline blood work so they can go ahead and monitor my levels if they are reasonable now, if not I know I will need injections. They are also looking into my WBC, liver functions and my iron levels. Good know my GPs are taking things better now with the ostomy.
  • Thursday I am having a day to myself. Going to have a face mask, make cookies and watch movies that Ben won’t want to watch with me. Or! Continue my Brooklyn Nine-Nine marathon!
  • Friday I’m thinking about more writing and maybe dinner out. Not too sure.

When weeks without appointments come along, I like to relax but work. I don’t know when appointments will be scheduled and I don’t know when my next opportunity to take a me day will come about, especially the ones that I can choose to take, instead of the ones forced upon me by my body saying “STOP DOING TOO MUCH”. I hope this means in the coming months I can do it more regularly and not feel that pain of guilty in looking after myself when I am well. And its nice to find a balance. I should do some apprenticeship looking and work on my CV but that isn’t set in stone nor have I gotten any results back from recent tests. So I can leave that for another week, right? Yes, good.


Have a lovely week!


Much love,