This week has been quite excited so of course next week will seem abit of a dull one!

  • Monday – I’m being involved in a IBD study and being interviewed for it. I’m quite excited! I also have to go to the doctors and get checked out – its been a while since my sick note was reviewed and I need to get my Vitamin B12 levels checked.
  • Tuesday – its blog maintenance and some renewed posts. I hope I get some stuff done, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging lull for a couple of weeks while I’ve been unwell and “on break”
  • Wednesday I plan on some baking but I might end up having a RnR day. You know you just need one some days..!
  • Thursday I am having my MRI scan done at the hospital. I’m sort of nervous, I’ve not had one done since my before my surgery and that one was completely awful – having just had my NG tube placed the day before and still unable to swallow. Of course now I have an ostomy too, so the prep is going to be different and I have to be aware of my bag when I am placed in the scanner. No doubt that will drain me of most of my energy; plus its first thing too.
  • Friday Ben will be home early from his training so we’ve got plenty of time together during the weekend to spend together. I am quite looking forward to that.
  • We have some plans to get my video editing training started with my new laptop, hopefully I can get that the weekend too.

I’m feeling quite happy with how things are going at this moment. The momentum of the year is already good. I hope I can keep it up!

Have a lovely week!


Much love,