Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 7 & 8

Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 7 & 8

Coming to you early and doubled up!


  • Christmas Eve me and Ben are having a Christmas movie marathon, Dominos and some time alone before we spend the rest of the festive period between both of our families. I’m hoping this becomes a tradition we can keep up when we have a place together *squeals*
  • Christmas Day I am back at my parents cooking dinner for everyone; six of us in total. NEVER done it before but it can’t be too difficult right?! I want to do in this year so a) I am prepared and know I can do my own in my own house and b) my mom won’t be there to fuss about the kitchen.
  • Boxing Day we are with Ben’s family to enjoy their traditions and exchange presents. It’s always nice to see everyone, eat and catch up.
  • Tuesday we’ll be having some downtime before making our way to Birmingham for Panto with Ben’s family. Another tradition!
  • The rest of the weekend we plan to spend the majority of the day apart – him working on his training journey and me with my writing – but coming together for dinner. I’m trying my hardest to reflect on 2016 in a positive way but sometimes the negatives and just how much things have changed and are going to continue to change next year.
  • On New Years Eve we usually just stay in – going out is too expensive, too busy and just overhyped. We tend to have a take away, a few drinks and watch a new TV show or some films from a collection. That to me is perfection; I can be in my favourite pjs, we get under the slanket, enjoy each others company. I won’t need to get dressed up, worry about my bag or being too tired to be out until midnight.


  • New Years Day I’m planning a local walk which will end up with a pub stop and perhaps some photography.
  • First week of January has lots going on: Ben will be back training again, I’ve got doctors appointment, bloods that need doing for Vedolizumab on the 9th, seeing my stoma nurse, meeting an old friend for coffee, and getting prepared for the week after; so much excitement for that week already!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!


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