• Tomorrow me and my mom are going to be planning the Christmas food shop we need to do at the end of the week. Should be fun, we’ve got a little tradition of going for breakfast and “mulling it over” with coffee and pastries. Its pretty nice. It’s also nice to have her off this week, so we can go out and get festive. I’ve also got to sort out my sick note for over Christmas and into January – its going to be a pain but needs must. Hopefully it’ll be a smooth day otherwise.
  • Tuesday I have quite a few deliveries to wait in for and some calls to be made but I’m excited because I’ll be finally getting a hair cut! It’s been delayed with my surgery in the summer and I really enjoy being look after. I’m really looking forward to it.
  • The rest of the week is being played by ear – hopefully my new phone is going to turn up (fingers crossed) and I have some blog posts to schedule for the new year but otherwise I’ll just be enjoying some downtime and going out for some long walks. I need to keep active so that my abdomen doesn’t change and in turn my stoma and ostomy bags fit without problems. I’ve already been experiencing some discomfort from having gained back my weight post surgery but I need to find that sweet spot where everything in my wardrobe fits / my body shape is optimal / I feel happy. Let’s see what happens!
  • Ben is back from his week in Leicester by Friday so we plan to spend Christmas Eve together building our own festive traditions for when we finally do get to live together. It’s nice to doing this together after almost a week apart.

Don’t forget to have a lovely week guys!


Much love,