• Tomorrow I am going to see my surgeon for my follow up from my subtotal colectomy. First time I will have been to see the colorectal team since surgery. Hoping he can discharge me from his care, give me some green lights on exercise and returning to work – even though I don’t feel physically ready for either at the moment because of my stupid stoma issues. But it will be nice to be one step further on into this journey
  • Tuesday I’m catching up with TV and reading. Neglected my books for a while too long this month and I want to feel more festive;  its so mild this December…
  • Wednesday I have to see my stoma nurse about my peristomal skin issues. I really hope she doesn’t change too much of my products but I need some guidance on what I am doing wrong and why this stupid rash keeps coming back. Its getting me down and I hate feeling like I hate my ostomy.
  • Thursday I am hoping to complete my office. I’ve got a desk and everything in my room and currently write and blog away from my bedroom with all its lovely distractions. However, this weekend me and Ben have removed and tided so much stuff, no distractions anymore! I’m also waiting for some items to be delivered so I can jazz it up and feel comfortable writing in there next year.
  • Friday I hope to plan a few more things for 2017. I’m working hard on improving not only health but myself too.
  • The weekend will be the final dash for any Christmas gifts and having a meal out somewhere or a long walk on Sunday.

Don’t forget to have a wonderful week guys!


Much love,