Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 3

Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 3

Been a bitch of week. Nothing went to my plan from last week, so frustrating.

  • Tomorrow my dad is off work;  he booked it when my surgerical  review was going to be on 28/11 but now it’s in two weeks time. We’re planning breakfast or lunch out somewhere new and I know he wants to just relax. It’s about stress at work for him at this time of year.
  • Tuesday I am traveling on my own for the first time since I got my ostomy. I’m going on a business trip which I’m rather excited about. Fancy hotel, some time alone with mouse me to work on me. I really need it, good timing!
  • I also have online social media training that evening, so there is that to attend, a couple posts to write and schedule for various places and blog maintenance to finally get sorted before the end of the year.
  • Wednesday I am still away, I’m hoping once I’m back home I can finally reveal where I’ve been and what I’ve been up to. It’s abit of a secret at the moment.
  • Thursday I plan on resting and recovering. I’ve got a long weekend ( 4 whole days!) with Ben as he is only at his academy Mon-Thurs this week and Tues-Fri the week after. He is doing really well but it’s so much nicer when he is here.
  • I do have to attend an appointment at the Job Centre and an eye test on Thursday; I spent most of our time in Cornwall with a bad twitch and blurred vision. Need to get it sorted, probably means new glasses.
  • Friday I have my dental appointment that got canceled last week. I know I will get an injection in my gum to have my filling sorted so I’m not looking forward to it. But then it’s time with Ben, swings and roundabouts.
  • Next weekend I get to see friends I haven’t seen in ages, meet new pups and eat winter comfort food. I cant believe it’ll be December next week… been such a long year but it has flown by too.

Don’t forget to have a great week guys!


Much love,



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