Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 2

Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 2

I’m pretty exhausted from traveling back from Cornwall today..

  • Tomorrow I’ve got to see the dentist for my rearranged appointment to have my only filling refilled. Not looking forward to that but afterwards I get to start putting my 2017 plan into motion by scheduling a couple things. I’m quite excited about starting this new project, I need something to keep me occupied right now..
  • Ben also starts his new job tomorrow – albeit the long training period of his first year – and I’m sad I won’t be seeing him for a whole week. I usually go every other week without seeing him as his last job involved shifts and he lives abit of a drive away from me, but this is going to be constant until next Spring. It’s going to be tough but I’m seeing it as a new opportunity to grow, hopefully.
  • Tuesday I have writing to do. Many posts to plan, draft and get scheduled I hope. Whether I work at home or in town is yet to be set in stone..
  • Wednesday I have to see my GP – who is finally back from maternity leave – for some prescriptions and queries I have.
  • I also need to talk to my stoma nurse too.
  • Thursday  and Friday are wide open. Friday evening I plan on watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix so maybe I fit in revisiting some episodes in preparation?
  • Saturday I am seeing Ben; we have errands to run and some baking or cooking to do. Maybe a film. I’m sure we’ll just catch up with each other too.
  • Sunday I am in Birmingham meeting a friend for lunch and to discuss life and love as usual. First time seeing him with my ostomy, so it’ll be nice to talk stomas for a while (like we don’t do that already!)

Hopefully I don’t continue to feel too sad from my post holiday blues for too long. I need to get my butt into gear and look forward to the future, now that I finally can..!

Don’t forget to have a lovely week guys!


Much love,



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