Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 13

Plans for the Week Ahead – Ep. 13

This week is a lot like last week. No appointments, just deadlines and more deadlines.

  • This week Ben is working in his patch so is in the area for the evenings. This means I’m cooking dinner for us each night except Thursday. This is something I am really getting into planning and organising.
  • I have four scheduled blog posts that need uploading, let alone some others to write.
  • I hope to spend some time baking this week too.
  • I’m going to continue our evening walks we do when he is working at home, we both need the exercise and its a good habit to get into. I’m really finding that walking does so much for my mental health. I’ve been struggling abit already this year with getting motivated and not feeling too pressured by others expectations. I probably will need a break soon but if I find employment, I see that plan being pushed back.
  • I need to get my CV sorted, find out my employment options, plan abit for the future and see if I can request my medical records. Being off the radar doesn’t mean I won’t be taking an interest in my health nor in maintaining it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Much love,


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