October Goals

October Goals

How did Septembers goals go?

On the face of it, it feels like a big fat fail because I’ve been sick for more than half of the month. Which meant everything – literally everything  – took a back seat whilst I tried my best to get better. It seemed as I got one thing under control, my body would find something new to fight – from my MH which isn’t better at all, to my IBD flaring and causing me to catch not one but two infections – I’ve felt like I’ve seen more of my bed than ever before! I will be so glad when this all finally passes and I can get on with normal life again.

Despite that, I’ve found small periods of times to pack and get organised. I’ve been able to see the house again, get the agreement signed and started to pack. Admittedly, I’ve been doing it when I’ve have energy which might be at 2am when I can sleep due to the insomnia from my strong pain killers or in the middle of the day when my sugar rush comes. And whilst I started early, I’m almost ready to move. Unpacking; now that’ll be the next thing, ugh.

As you can imagine, this meant September sort of fell apart. I’ve been able to take all my medications and make notes of all my symptoms but being sick means everything is amplified so this month will be written off, I think. But I’m proud I’ve made it to take my medications every day! Might not be on time, but they have all been taken!

So what else have I got planned? 


  • Settle into a new routine with the new house
  • Meal prep and stay on budget
  • Find a positive from each day!


  • Learn to breathe before responding
  • Unpack and organised the house
  • Be honest about what is needed in our life – big ol’ clean out!
  • Start doing some workouts during the week


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in October?



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