How did September’s goals go?

Here is what I set myself for the month of September:


  • Attend all events as planned and be prepared!
  • Keep up with my skin care routine
  • Plan ahead with my SM content and blog posts with the expectation of being MIA while I recover [again]


  • Return to work!
  • Take my recovery from Day Surgery as it comes.
  • Be proud of myself.

Let’s recap…

Well, first of all, no EUA happened. It got cancelled a week before hand at a outpatient check up. Sort of good but also threw me for a loop. I’d had much planned for my recovery time off work and finally sorted out my scheudle and it all got changed. I didn’t panic but I did have some pretty low days after that. It was hard to readjust so much of my life.

So that has had a knock on effect on everything; work has been abit more full on, I’ve still made all my commitments but I am finding myself running on low energy more often than not. I’ve had to rest more and take care of me more, all while trying to just keep on top of everything.

September has been just abit shitty really.

The really big positive has been college, I am loving learning something new and really do believe that I can do this. I think half of the battle for me lately has been getting motivated enough to get out of the house and to where I need to be. Once I am there, I feel fine. I also look fine too, so keeping up that aspect of the ‘invisible illness’ makes me feel empowered, no matter how rubbish I feel.

I had no annual leave this month and lots of hospital appointments to make along side working and attending events. It’s been full on, I’ve had to be strong and forceful with myself and I just hope I don’t crumble on my leave this month because I definitely need a break from everything. I would love a holiday but I can’t afford much. I do have some plans to make it home for half term so let’s see how that goes.

So what else have I got planned? 


  • To not overcommit myself.
  • Be more organised with completing my to do lists.
  • Rest and recover.


  • Plan daily content for IG on both accounts ahead of time.
  • Take on a daily mindful challenge to spend time after work focusing on ME
  • Leave the house every day.
  • Think about achievable goals for 2020


Do you find goal setting useful? What do you want to achieve in October?