September 2018

September 2018

Oh September, you are my new August.


Stoma wise; this little one has not causes me one ounce of grief. Honestly, she has held it down when my IBD was flaring and causing my output to vary so damn much, but nope, bag stayed put and I ever got a few of days more out of several  bags when I was really ill because changing my bag meant standing up and I had zero energy. Very grateful to have enough supplies in stock, the ability to stretch my bag another day or two because my current routine is strong AF. Proud stoma owner moments this month.

IBD wise; this has been a BEAST this month. Not sure if it knew it was diagnosed this time ago seven years ago – WHERE HAS THAT GONE EH? – but its been a biatch these last three weeks. Two weeks leading up to my infusion, I was in unbearable pain and had my common IBD flare up symptoms – lack of appetite, nausea and the abdominal pain which just makes you weep and take Tramadol; or at least this is what I do. I had my bloods done and surprisingly nothing came back too high but it was suggested that my move has triggered a ‘stress flare’ which I suppose hasn’t really happened before. But, as it was presenting in a real way, I was told to rest and get to my infusion. I then got an infection which was treated with antibiotics and did me the world of good, only to get the flu the day after my Vedolizumab infusion. TYPICAL as per usual.

Advocacy wise; it’s been a quiet month due to sickness. I’ve been involved with a couple of twitter chats and I’ve tried my best to be active online but its hard when you are unwell. I should be resting not tweeting or cramming. Plus, there is nothing about being in bed all day that I want to show. Hopefully for World Ostomy Day I’ll have my shit together and something will come to me. I’ve been proactive and written a couple of posts in August that I can now post in September to fill the gaps. Working on schedule content is the next couple of months, as I get used to my new normal.

Life wise; we finally had our rental property secured and moving in happen. It was a long and stressful month with planning things but it happened in the end. Now the new chapter begins..!


Here is what I wrote about in September:

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