October 2018

October 2018

October; the new LIFE chapter


Stoma wise; it’s been leak city of late. Probably due to a box of defective bags; of which I’ve finally taken out of my supplies for good now! And whilst it’s been like this, I’ve been able to handle the watery output, the soreness and the very full bags during the night well too. It’s been a challenge now that my lifestyle is different – moved finally and no longer the only one in the bed every night – so that’s been a thing to adapt too. I honesty expected leaks and some problems as we get use to a new routine in the evenings so on the whole I am pretty happy with how October has gone.

IBD wise; whilst the IBD has been under control, I’ve caught the flu, then had my flu jab and been experiencing more of my PCOS symptoms which causes my IBD to mildly flare up. So its nothing like a full-blown flare up, I’ve been more symptomatic in my abdomen than normal. However, now that there is a path to getting those things resolved, I’ve had a good run of good weeks. I’m still taking my painkillers because I notice when I take them later on in the day and I’ve had a few more days of Tramadol too. I have a review with my GI next month just before my TENTH Vedolizumab infusion, so that’ll be fun!

Advocacy wise; I’ve been quite. I’ve had no internet in the new house so blogging is few and far between. And with the weekends now being spent in the house or seeing family or travelling – we’ve had so much to move! – I’ve not had a chance either! And honesty, it’s been a nice break. BUT I do miss it. I’ve been very absent and it’s had a negative impact on my MH – which is not something I felt strongly before but not being able to communicate in this way, it’s been a resource I’ve sorely missed lately. But, not long until that changes.

Life wise; I’ve been enjoying the new place and all that comes with it. It’s so nice to have someone else in the house with me and its wonderful to have a partner in crime. Whilst I was hesitant before the move, I can say so far its been a great choice. It’s not without its challenges and having to actively rest and give up some tasks and roles to my partner has been a learning curve. But it’s getting better and hopefully continues on this upwards path.


Here is what I wrote about in October:

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