October was one of those months where it became a blurry, busy mess.

Well, November was even more of that.

Three hospital appointments, two visits to the GP, ten days of annual leave and one day of sickness were the highlights. Sad isn’t it, when my health become a highlight, right?! Needless to say, you can read all about it here. In the days following those appointments, my treatments were tweaked. Not giving me the desired results – lots of more symptoms without any real improvement – so one was stopped and will be reassessed in another referral. But elsewhere, things have settled down. I’ve become much more comfortable in my job at work; I can see my own room for improvement and try to better myself day on day. Not by too much, but slowly fine tuning things, ready for probation ending.

The cold weather has meant that a) my winter coat is finally fully in its element and b) it is so cold and dark, I’m sort of glad it doesn’t highlight my face at the moment. I’ve found that my Crohn’s medication is providing my body with an over enthusiastic auto immune response, which is why my face is ‘breaking out’ in what seem like spots, but aren’t. We are investigating but I am sure that these will keep happening as long as I am receiving Vedolizumab. And as with all medication, I have rolled the dice with this one – for the third try, I might add – and this is the risk of biological treatment. You hope you don’t get any, but sometimes you do. This happens to mine, this time around. Luck of the drawer, or whatever. Dermatology will have answers my IBD team haven’t been able to find for me.

Mental health wise, I haven’t heard much more since my assessment. Lately, I’ve been doing well at busying myself to keep my brain occupied and I have been doing more to accept that my good days are good and my bad days are not a reflection on me a whole.  I’m sure that some counselling will come, but I can’t commit to dates until we go into 2018.

Calendar highlights of November: 

  • Annual leave!
  • GYN – October 7th @ Pbo City
  • Surgical Review – October 14th @ Good Hope
  • Gastro – October 15th @ Pbo City

December has knocking at my door. I have already prepared myself for Christmas so I am just hoping for my body to play nice and get me to my fourth Vedo infusion in a couple of weeks and I have a restful time at home for the holidays with my family.

Until next time,