Considering how much I fear May in last months post, it wasn’t as scary as I once thought.

I have been symptom free from my Crohn’s all of May. I’ve taken no time off work for any problems related to my Crohn’s, excepted my already allotted days for hospital appointments.

I visited Good Hope twice in May. The first on the 15th for my clinic appointment. Found out I need an iron infusion to help remedy my anemia and that I need a full colonoscopy this summer. Looking forward to that one..! My second visit was a week later on the 24th for my Humira injection. I had been having some difficultly in giving myself my injection at home, so my IBD nurse stepped in to help for the next couple cycle. It’s been a relief but I’m being to get anxious about my next one in 4 days time.

Counselling has been going well. Lots of topics covered and we’re working hard on my acceptance. Of course, my acceptance of Crohn’s is completely and utterly dependent on my own progress – something which can’t really be measured or focused – but it’s been good the last two sessions. I feel quite good about things.

My insomnia has almost completely gone. I’ve been getting more shifts at work and getting more busy in my social life, so I know this is part of the routine of falling asleep. The heat of the last week or so hasn’t really helped. And my anemia hasn’t really helped matters. If anything, it’s more noticeable – or I’m noticed it more in my actions and reactions to things – and worse than before. It needs sorting, so my appointment for my infusion needs to drop through the door some day soon.

June will be busy. I need to be better for it. I can’t feel ‘ill’ again. I just won’t allow it.

Calendar highlights of May: 

  • 4 Brownie sessions!
  • Several birthdays
  • Humira – May 10th / May 24th
  • Blood test!
  • GI Clinic – May 15th
  • World IBD Day – May 19th