March 2019

March 2019

The Close of a Chapter


Stoma wise; it’s still been a difficult time for little stoma. She probably is acting out before upcoming surgery, because I am back to daily changes. Thankfully, when I got my prescription review with my GP, I had made my decision on what barrier to keep using, and I even got to add in my strong barrier – my applicator one, not just the wipes – to my repeats. I am very happy knowing that I can continue to manage my stoma with adequate supplies. Not just for now, when I am going to possibly use more after surgery, but in general too.  I still have some broken and bleeding skin, but it’s not as sore as it has been. I am hoping that post op, I am able to still use my usual bag but let’s see what my midline scar is up to.

IBD wise; we’ve been trying to get everything sorted out so that my time in hospital for my operation is as simple and smooth as possible. I had my twelfth Vedolizumab in the middle of the month, so with regards to control before my op, everything is going very well. With the big news being that my operation is happening on the 28th, things have been calm really. I have only had some of my urgency symptoms and flaring of my stump. Being off work has helped me keep my IBD symptoms in track, actually tracked and I am feeling okay.

Advocacy wise; I’ve had some more research thrown my way – a couple of studies and some promotional work – so I am hoping I can really hit this hard once I am out of hospital. I’ve been able to continue my own posts in the lead up to surgery. On top of that, being off means I’ve had time to just potter around my website and get things abit more polished.

Life wise; Newton has well and truly settled in with us, getting used to another thing being here was a challenge but it’s smoothed out of late. We’ve been able to travel home and see family ahead of my operation and he is doing okay being home alone. He also now goes outside, so it can be quiet until he comes back in.

Mental health is going better, my beta blockers have settled down, and I can say that my therapy sessions are proving fruitful too. I am lacking abit these last couple days but that’s because I’ve been distracting myself big time away from thinking about my operation.

Here is what I wrote about in March:

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