March, boy have you been dreary.

I’ve had the delightful experience of my colonoscopy this month and its outcomes have yet to be discussed with me between my two doctors – my consultant and the surgeon. That is happening in the next couple of weeks before I go away on holiday for my birthday with the boyfriend. I’m hoping for some clarification on what is going to be happening and when.

My scope did show a almost 100% clear colon with only really bad disease located in the terminal ileum and small bowel – which was expected to a degree but shocking because of no disease in the colon; where it has always been since day one. So clarification in what was shown on my last MRI and this new scope need to be explained to me. The surgeon did write and tell me that he would want to now do a limited resection seen as my rectum and colon were clear. So surgery is still going ahead as planned. 

I’ve come off my steroids completely and had little to no fall out from them. In fact, since the scope I was feeling quite well, with minimal pain and problems. That all change a couple days ago when the pain returned along side a lower appetite and very painful and frequent BMs. They have rendered me fatigued and in desperate need of a surgery date so I can get back to feeling better. I’ve had almost two months of waiting and sitting around unable to work because of my illness and I’m getting abit impatient. 

Calendar highlights of March:

  • Colonoscopy – March 8th
  • OT meeting – March 14th
  • CCUK South Staffs Coffee Afternoon – March 19th
  • Possibly surgical consult?

So March has passed in a blur – as it always does when you have little to focus on – and I am hoping April I am able to get booked in to get my section of diseased insides removed and enjoy my holiday in Cornwall. It might be the last break / treat I have for a long while. 

  • I return to my consultant on the 5th for an update on all accounts. 
  • The following week, the morning we are due to travel down to Cornwall, I see the surgeon to discuss the “limited resection” and what that would mean, I am hoping once this is all sorted he can give me a date. Probably a long shot – more Junior doctor strikes are planned and will mess up the surgical schedule – but I need something to look forward to! Morbid, I know, forgive me, but I’m reaching the end of my tether. 
  • Cornwall! The sea! A spa! For seven whole days away. 
  • Crohn’s group meetings and sorting that all out for when I am out of action. Uffft.