This month, alot like the others, has flown past. It’s now July, the seventh month of the year.. and I can’t quite believe it.

It’s been a busy month. Been at work almost all month without incident or pain. One day caused me to leave work early, but par that, I’ve been symptom free again this month, just a little bloating and uncomfortable moments, but they soon pass.

I visited the Day Hospital at Good Hope on the 12th and received my first Iron Infusion, which went well. It took almost two weeks to kick in and give me the strength I’d been missing since the beginning of Spring. That’s been a relief and a weight off my shoulders. So much so that I haven’t really given much thought to my Crohn’s and its symptoms.

Counselling has been going well, and has pushed me though into the acceptance phase of my Crohn’s disease. Finally, I might add. I had worried, or at the very least wondered, when I would be able to accept my fate and whether or not I truly felt comfortable as who I now am, but it was a relief to get into some sort of feeling of calm about Crohn’s.

Works been keeping in hours. And Brownies has kept me busy also, alot of prep this month for this terms worth of activities and alot of ideas for the next academic year also. I finally started my leadership course and got my CRB check. In addition to work, I’ve decided to go back to College and train to become a Counsellor. It is sorely needed for IBD related therapy, throughout the cycles of the illnesses. I am hoping I can help towards that, and fill the void that is missing in current diagnosis’s.

Humira injections: These happened on the 6th and the 21st of June. First was done at the hospital again, but this time by my mom. The second was done at home on a Thursday evening – unusual but new – by my mom and will be done for the next two sessions also. It is the gearing up to me returning to doing them for myself. It’s been okay; the ones that someone else have given me are a) much needed and b) showing me – again, for reassurance  – that they do not hurt like I think they will do. It’s been a positive experience. My anxiety towards them has gone down to practically nothing. I hope I can continue this throughout July and go into August doing them for myself again.

I am not due at any appointments with the hospital through the summer, unless my Iron Infusion needs doing again. One blood test to check that and I will know more about my underlining health issues.

This month I hope to control my diet better and find some sort of exercise that I can do without too many problems.

July should be great. Fingers crossed!

Calendar highlights of June:

  • Bank Holiday x2
  • Brownies x3
  • Humira – June 6th / June 20th
  • Iron Infusion
  • Canadian visit – June 16-19th